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The customer is always right?!

With winter’s grip gradually weakening, now is the time to check your clubs for wear and tear, as you take a break from your practise time in the basement, garage, or office.  But, don’t do what I did.  Same time last year, I went into Golftown for their annual re-grip sale.  From the shelved demos, I liked the ones that felt “tacky” on my hands, so I ordered Golfpride “soffties” for all my irons.  Done!…A new start for my game!…hmm…My first mistake was not asking a professional.  I had not only moved to a size larger than my standard hand (medium/cadet medium/large), but in the process, was told that I should have a half-inch added to the shaft length due to my height (6’2″).  So, within the same week I had my clubs extended once, re-gripped twice, and seen the annoyed clubfitter thrice.  In his words, “again with these bleeding clubs?!”  What do expect from an amateur?

For your information, clubs tend to be created with a standard player in mind, be it a common length, grip radius, loft and lie.  Before I started to become serious about my game, I was using my dad’s old Tom Weiskopf MacGregor blades.  They were too short, with worn grips, and extremely unforgiving, as was my dad when they were returned in poor condition.  Many manufacturers like Titleist have introduced more blended clubs for ease of play.  Years ago, MacGregor (rip) re-created VIP v-foil 1025 C, CM, M sets for handicaps 0-10, 11-20, 21+.  I chose the CMs – clubs 3 to 6 were cavity backs for better playability, while clubs 7-P were muscle backs for greater control.  I still use them now, a little bit longer, and stickier.

As no golfer is created the same, neither are the clubs, so make it a custom to get fitted, professionally.