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Reasons for Seasons…

Seasons change.  So what.

Well, it only occurred to me this past Easter weekend how much spring can bring moments of summer, with hints of warm weather, tricking us to venture outdoors, ill-prepared for activity.

Being in a northern climate with four distinct periods allows one to get geared up for the next trek outside transitioning from hot to warm to cold and back. Unfortunately, this order is constantly being rearranged.

I still find it unbelieveable the lengths we’ll go to play this game. If I have to leave the house wearing anything but a shirt and shorts, maybe pants/sweater, then I should have my head checked.

Perhaps there are better times to play, but there is an OB line that should not be crossed.  Everything in balance, I say. Purchasing the portable cart heater or insulated mits should tell you to grab your ice fishing gear or snowmobile keys, not golf clubs. As always, ol’ man winter left us with a parting shot of snow in April. Though, I guess that’s what the March break vacation is for.  A time away to vacate the parts of our brain that had been deep frozen for months, letting them thaw out slowly.

But, who’s kidding who, golf is an addiction that has reasons for all seasons. So, we’re bundling up and heading off to collect any unused eco-tees (hopefully, not) from last weekend’s Earth Day initiative. And maybe hit a small bucket before our hands freeze.