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Winter blues…or greens…

Do you feel SAD?  It is a scenario that can hit home for those living in northern climates.  The symptoms can vary in severity, but are treatable…light therapy, diet, and exercise are such examples.  For the pre-season golfer, I have many cures for forlorn links affective golf (disorder) or flag.

Surrounded by walls of kids toys, storage bins, and insulation, I have turned my unfinished basement into a “training centre”, complete with putting/chipping mats, a media-ready workout space, and a hitting net (unused queen-sized blanket).  Between playing house and dodgeball, I do get some opportunity to work my slot swing – smooth and relaxed and compact.  But, the old swing is still hanging around, as seen from the dents in the furnace.

So, hold tight, but not too tight, to your grip on reality being cooped up for 4 months.  I bring you ways to turn your thoughts of winter blues to summer greens!