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Lub, dub…lub, dub…

When a ball lands in the rough, does it make a sound? Yes! But not as loud as my pounding heart does at the thought of the annual ClubLink sale held every December at Glen Abbey golf club. After private members have filtered through the complete inventory of 2010 clothes, equipment, and clubs, the public gets their chance. You can find prices up to 75% off spring/summer levels. As was the case this year. I had been hesitant to jump into the recent Taylor Made R9 technology, as something new always appears the following spring (R11). But, lo and behold an R9 17 degree 4/5 wood…at $49.00.

In the spirit of the holidays, I went seeking more “deals” elsewhere, namely GolfTown. After speaking at length with Paul and Big Larry, they helped set the club to my swing, with excellent results. I then searched more clubs in the R9 family, testing the 13 degree (strong) 3 wood, and 460 driver. Though, a cooler head, and wallet, prevailed, I decided that once I tested my 4/5 wood on the course this spring, I would be making the switch by the summer.

The boxing week demo deals also provide the same rewards for those patient enough to wait from November, during clubhouse closing “sales”, up until Xmas – $50 for woods/hybrids; $125 for drivers. As I share a common happy birthday week with my dad (78 today!), we always look forward to 2011, when the new year rings in the “best” equipment, leaving the “better” ones behind.

‘Tis the season for sales. So happy hunting to all, and to all a good night.