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Membership has its privileges?

Do you like variety or familiarity?  Formal or casual?  Public or private?  Regardless of your choice, we are all “members” of the golf fraternity.  Clubs and courses are being challenged by many factors – demographics and socio-economics as examples. Especially these days, where the world economy is re-adjusting and the cost of living is continually rising, golf must change with these times if it is to remain a life-long activity.

According to the recent stats, an average round costs $60 dollars (green fees and cart) for playing a decent public course.  At a par 72, each shot you take is worth about 85c, less as your scoring decreases.  On an hourly rate, assuming a 4.5 hour round, you would be paying $13.60 per hour for this entertainment.  Similarly, a private club initiation averages $40000 – or 666 public rounds.  Averaging 13 rounds per season, you’d need to be playing for over 50 years to make the cost worth while. These numbers, however, do not include annual fees, plus other amenities that private clubs do offer.

Perhaps there needs to be more reciprocity and collaboration between courses, and clubs – even non-golfing ones.  The strain of keeping memberships, while maintaining their facilities, seems to be moving in opposite directions.  Added value should be the focus of this industry as many die-hard golfers will find it hard to die for golf with these future trends.