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Price check! Aisle…

I distinctly remember last year, or maybe 2009, when the North American dollars were on par…pun intended. Retailers were advertising pricing in accordance with a one-to-one exchange rate.  Though this only came after public outcry, the adjustments were made.  You would expect businesses jumping on the parity bandwagon, as now the $C is as strong as ever.  I know I’ve made mention of winter sales on demo clubs, trade-in/trade-ups, and other such offers from our local golf supplier, but I do not see any movement, yet.  Case in point, the new R11 driver – $399 vs $449.  As we venture across the border every summer to visit family in Michigan, I have the luxury of having an accessible mailing address. Assuming my math is correct, with taxes, and shipping/handling, the difference is still $80 in favour of the $US.  That’s enough to buy 2 boxes of balls, 6 gloves, a pair of shorts, a shirt…you get the point.

Maybe I have spoken too soon, and the big box golf store’s announcement of “fair” pricing is just around the corner.  If not…ask…no demand…they check their prices, before you continue down that aisle…and I’ll see you at the checkout!