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Unless you’ve had your head under a rock (looking for your ball) you know that November promotes prostate cancer awareness; I would go as far as men’s health month. The moustache symbolizes this health initiative and it reminds us to get that annual check up to make sure everything is up to par.
So, as you reluctantly pack away your irons for the season, put down your razor too.
This may be the best club choice of your life!


As I’m packing away my clubs, I’m hiding my razor as well.  It’s that time of year for Movember…mo’ time spent growing a moustache for a great cause.  And, of course, remembering a season past…it’s the same ‘ol same ‘ol…coulda, woulda, shoulda played better…did shoot a plus 8, once…need more practise on-course…though, it’s just nice to get out once in a while playing the greatest game invented.  Happy Movember everyone!