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A leap year…of faith

What will you do with the extra day this year?  A whole 24 more hours – 1440 minutes – 86,400 seconds, etc.  It only comes around every four years.  I mean it’s not like day light savings time when you can feel the extra hour of sleep or earlier time to rise.  This is a whole day to…take a leap of faith!

After all my talk about being wiser, with the kid’s big picture sports plan, seasonal activity over two years, yadda yadda, my son asked me, “Why do I have to go to soccer every Saturday?”

“Whoa!” I said. “I thought we’d already talked about this?”

After further discussion, he explained that he felt weekends were for resting. Uh, not. “That’s Sunday,” I replied.  Maybe skills and drills aren’t as enjoyable.  And yes, I get that he just wants to run. (Not sing, run!).

I agreed whole-heartedly — practising anything can be boring and tedious. Playing is where the fun is at. I asked him, did he trust me; that what we were doing would lead him to greener pastures? He said yes.

As a parent you lead by experience, and intuition. His dreams may not be mine – nor his goals. But, what we have in common is trust, and faith…in each other.