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Spring forward…into the future

I could golf 365! I would golf everyday.  Why then don’t courses make that next step to all-weather surfaces?  If being prepared to go outside this past mid-March could be more common, are we then ready to deal with the winter damage?  I know this is a rhetorical question, but I wonder what it would take.

For purists, I understand grass is: green – so is artificial; modified to different heights and thicknesses – so is artificial; “feels” better – so can artificial.  If future stability and growth is paramount to the industry, perhaps we have to make “fake”  a reality.

We push the envelope in the fall – why not in the spring.  You can purchase winter gear – gloves, suits, shirts, portable golf cart heaters, but must store this equipment when the conditions are deemed unplayable…at least, for next year.

Global warming might be extending the northern golf season, but I won’t rest until it’s available 247!  I hope you’re with me…in(door) the long run.