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New Year’s Revolution…

I have no problem starting the year with resolutions. However, like any change that needs to become habitual, ingrained behaviours can be difficult to break, or at least add, to your life’s routines. As an athlete, I use the example of flexibility. Stretching was probably the last on my list of things to do before competition during my “youth”. Now, it’s the first, and most important exercise routine to perform, along with overall fitness. The PGA tour has many 40 somethings still in the hunt each season, not yet ready to “retire” to the Champions Tour (no disrepect intended). I’d be surprised if they weren’t in better shape than in the past…well, at least more focused on conditioning than before.

As an “amateur”, you don’t necessarily have the luxury of focussing on your golf game 24/7…though, fixating yes. I am again re-igniting the practise of yoga to increase overall flexibility. Injury prevention, stress relief, and body alignment are only some positives drawn from this ancient practise. Furthermore, there are several companies that have created performance centres, developing sport specific exercises, including those found on the Golf Channel.

So, before I reach for the stars, I’ll need to reach for my toes, first.