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Good things come to those who wait…

Golfer Waiting to Tee off” White isn’t just for winter…Living in a northern climate, finding a white coloured club is easy. You forget to bring your driver inside from the backyard where you were practising your swing in the fall. 

Visit GolftownGolfSmithEdwinWattsGlobalGolfPGAstore, to order your R1 driver and woods. Like most Taylor Made products, this initial run of “newer” technology should include a long line of family members, as found with the R9s (TP, 460TP, Supertri, Superdeep) and R11s.

It’s not to say that this R1 is the final chapter in game improvement, but history shows that these models have 4 or 5 versions before another evolves. I believe that the proof is in the pudding…or is that putting. I had come across “the Ghost” recently, and found that the white-on-green contrast indeed made alignment easy.  But, I’ll wait to get these clubs in my hands before I hand over the cash…now I just need to find that white driver in the backyard.”

Reflecting on this earlier post, now’s the time for those people who have waited to pick up last year’s “best” club. Strike while the iron (or driver) is hot! Clublink has its grand sale at Glen Abbey now until December 16th.

Treat yourself this season!  Save Santa the extra inconvenience of fitting a driver down that chimney. Carry it through the door yourself sooner than later.

I know I will!