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Happy Chinese New Year…of the Draggin’

I can’t decide.  I’m at that time of year again, when public clubs post their membership fees for 2012.  From my previous post, Membership has its priveleges, I’m draggin’ my arse as to which is better.  A home course would be nice – the sense of knowing the nuances of the greens; the hole set-up from different tee boxes; the cart girls by name.

Or to play the field.  Move over cinammon, variety is the spice of life.  Or is it?  The rush of adreneline and excitement of something adventureous and new.  To sneak off from your home course, to catch a quick 18, then return the next day as if nothing happened.  Am I still talking about golf?

Anyways, I have several favourites that I would venture to join, like Dragon’s Fire in Carlisle.  I played it two years ago, while it was just getting started, and well noticed.  Lots of potential!  Until then, whatever blows your hair back…or…floats your boat!  I’ll be over here sitting on the fence.  Good hunting, everyone!