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Left is the new right?

I am right-handed.  I grew up playing sports preferring that “strong” hand.  In that, this hand controlled the throw, the racquet, the stick, and the bat.  However, the palm moving forward did not feel as fluid as the knuckles leading towards the target.  My stick forehand, racquet backhand, and left-sided baseball swing were much easier to perform, and felt…right.  Funny enough, I had an interesting conversation with a pro years back at the range.  He explained how he was changing his client’s swing from right to left.  He explained that the dominant (right) hand, at the “top” of the grip, was allowed to swing with greater ease on the left side…180 degrees with little impediment.  On the “strong” side, however, the right hand, now at the “bottom” of the grip, was restricted by one’s torso.  More coordination is needed to rotate the lower and upper body allowing the right hand to move smoothly through the swing.  This made sense!

So, is the golf swing a pull or a push?  Should the dominant hand lead or follow?  For now, I have put this to the test with my putting stroke.  I started the latter part of 2010 switching hand positions, so I would always be putting above the hole…so far so good.  But the right way may not be the correct one for me…yet!