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1 million steps forward…1 step…back…wards!

1,000,000…that’s the number of steps I have apparently run in preparation for my 10k.  Five years ago, I foolishly injured my back doing a landscaping job fit for a student…highschool one at that.  Anyways, it went “underground” ever since, thinking it healed itself…but no.  With 2 weeks left until race day, the Sunday long run was ahead of me.  The lower back felt “loosey – goosey”, so I decided to jog the dog around the block for a 1 km warm-up, stretch, then continue.  Unfortunately, half-way around the block, a fire hydrant found the dog’s attention, jerking me to the left and downward.  BAMN!..I mean DAMN!  Like a wave rippling across your body, the pain, as fresh as ever, returned.  Now, of course, experience took over…rather than ignoring the tell-tale signs of building fatigue, I finished the walk, “cracked” my back in the front hall, and went out anyways.  It wasn’t a bad run, but definitely not the best.

Later that week, was when everything hit the fan.  Long story short, I arrived at work in pants and socks, but left without socks and in shorts, spending 40 minutes to change, unable to bend over.  I drove straight to my chiropractor who spent the Easter weekend helping me return to an upright position.  I have come to better understand the realities of getting older, and how important it is to “listen” to what your body is telling you…I hear you now!…loud and clear.

It’s time to get to the core of the problem.