The Father of (Re)Invention…

Daddy Caddy

There are so, make it, no many words that describe fatherhood.

Who I am as a dad, indeed came from my dad. As my family grows, I grow.  I need to grow. I have to grow.

They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Father’s Day!

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6-6-6 A Devil of an Idea…

Daddy Caddy

Mathematicians, please bear with me here. When I play 18 holes, the wheels tend to come off the wagon once I tee off from the 13th (funnily enough), and thereafter.  It’s always a par 3, where I shank my ball into the woods, starting a cycle of self-loathing, doubt, denial, anger – followed by hailing down the bevvy cart.

In other words, once I review my final scorecard, there are on average six holes that I would love to “get back” to play differently, or just forget about.

So, let’s make the number of “good” holes over “bad” be represented as 12/18.  Using this fraction, if you play 12 holes, you’ve got 9 nice ones in you; play 9, enjoy 6, etc.

And, yes, this ratio is indeed 0.666, repeating.

My point is, with time and money being common complaints about the game, I would recommend that each course…

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Coupon, shmoupon…

Daddy Caddy


Last spring I signed up for an on-line booking company named Golf Now. Discount tee times is what they sell for up to 80% off prime time rates. From this came Let’s Play 9 and Deal Caddy. If you agreed with my discussion about the future of golf (6-6-6), time and affordability are crucial to the sport’s longevity.

It seems that the game understands its present needs and is changing it’s accessibility. Not to say that discounts were not there in the past, but there just seems to be more visibility in the market place these days. Or maybe I’m just looking harder.

Warning! Buyer beware! I have heard of discounters going out of business and courses not honouring the coupon or at least not understanding what the deal was about. Get out your spectacles and read the fine print. It will save you heartache…

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Membership has its privileges?

Daddy Caddy

Do you like variety or familiarity?  Formal or casual?  Public or private?  Regardless of your choice, we are all “members” of the golf fraternity.  Clubs and courses are being challenged by many factors – demographics and socio-economics as examples. Especially these days, where the world economy is re-adjusting and the cost of living is continually rising, golf must change with these times if it is to remain a life-long activity.

According to the recent stats, an average round costs $60 dollars (green fees and cart) for playing a decent public course.  At a par 72, each shot you take is worth about 85c, less as your scoring decreases.  On an hourly rate, assuming a 4.5 hour round, you would be paying $13.60 per hour for this entertainment.  Similarly, a private club initiation averages $40000 – or 666 public rounds.  Averaging 13 rounds per season, you’d need to be playing…

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A (birth)day in the life…

Daddy Caddy

My son and daughter have summer birthdays.  My wife and I have winter ones. I enjoy theirs a lot more.

I have forgotten how big a deal this day is in the life of a child.  The anticipation, the surprise, the sheer enjoyment of being one year older. My son is having a weekend of events, as will my daughter later.

My wife and I now (over) celebrate ours every five years. We might as well be living by a dog’s calendar. So, Happy Birthday Seabass! Savour every single moment…I know I will.

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You Mother Gawker!

Happy Mum’s Day, Rosetta!

Daddy Caddy

Mum, don’t look so surprised! Avert your gaze, as this entry is about you.

More than a year ago, I began to write this blog.  Only many months ago did I tell you about it. It was a shock to both of us – me writing and you reading it.  Ironically, I have no words to properly describe your influence on me.

Only to say, I could not be sharing these thoughts openly…about you…without your support!

Happy Mother’s Day! Love your Big son.

p.s. Sorry about the picture.  You are bigger than life, though.

p.s.s. Oh, there you are…back in the day!

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Jekyll and Hide


After a one hour swim practise, my son complained of tight calves, hamstrings, shoulders, etc.  I mentioned that it might be smart to arrive earlier next time, go for a short x-country run, then do a variety of stretches before diving in.  It sounded like a good idea, until this happened…

Between the pauses during the stretch, miscounting laps completed and my nine year old complaining about the grass being too “rough” to sit on, I soon turned from Dr. Jeckyll to Mr. Hyde. My son too. He was becoming more increasingly frustrated with me and tried desperately to escape this seemingly torturous warm-up.
Afterwards, we talked about it. “What did you think of daddy’s suggestion of the pre-swim warm-up?” I asked him. This is what he said. These are entirely his words…
I liked the idea but I felt like I was a slave and that 5 laps was so long and that
whenever I finished 5 laps I’d hear 5 more laps and after I finished those guess
what it’s stretching time! When I got in the pool I was so tired that I fell behind and was passed by  kids that were half my normal speed {which is actually really fast}. My dad isn’t bossy at all but I sort of wish he could of run with me.
Well said son. I wish I could too….

Tree wood…

Hope springs eternal these days as courses gradually open for the season.5095079135_aae77c8328_z

So, what does the future hold for all our budding golf prodigies?

In the US, Golf 20/20 is a foundation that promotes the game’s growth through several progressive programs aimed at the grass roots level (pun intended).  This month, the PGA of America is offering pre-season trade-up/free fitting sessions lead by professionals.

In the summer months, some courses offer the kidsplayfree program.

The First tee campaign has taken the lead to move the game forward into a sustainable and practical option for youthful growth.

In Canada, kidsgolffree is offered for a week in July, with endorsement from the CN Future Links via the RCGA.

In the meantime kids, let’s watch daddy crush this drive straight into the range netting!

On second thought, let’s go see the pro.

Now On The Tee…Earth Week 2013

Daddy Caddy

For the month of April, we have been watching the skies, tracking the flight of the international space station. To know that there are people circling our planet puts everything in perspective.  This is the only (golf) world we have – it must be protected. In researching this topic, it has been refreshing to see a proactive approach in this industry. There is a challenge to balance the sport’s environmental impact as it progresses forward responsibly. In an earlier post, I discussed a possible future for golf. However, with Earth day upon us, today was a good place to start making changes.

My children’s school had just finished a neighbourhood clean-up on Friday, amongst other activities. We talked about doing a similar act of kindness this weekend. So, like a bolt of lightning did this idea hit me! Would it be a missed opportunity not to remind golfers…

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The Masters…of our domain…

The return to Augusta National, especially on Sunday, is the first sign of spring in my (golfer’s) mind.  I am very excited to re-introduce my family to the game as a life-long group adventure.  My daughter has already begun using my son’s putter for hitting anything and everything that surrounds her…the dog, daddy’s leg, and mummy’s coffee mug.

My son’s taking his tee ball swing to the t(ee) box. We will soon return to the range, then a putting competition, followed by lunch.  Perfect!

My wife is quite excited about playing some 9 and dines, as well as looking for a new wardrobe (most likely, the other way around).

For these reasons does golf bring me, us, much happiness.  Golf can be as individual or team oriented as you like.  We can play all sorts of combinations – dad/son vs mum/daughter; dad/daughter vs mum/son…eventually kids vs parents.

Though I may never make it to Georgia this weekend, I look forward to playing with my family, with golf leading the way.