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June to August

Sight under construction…

under-construction1100 posts ago, I began with an idea – creating a blog linked around golf and growing a family.  Sports have replaced golf as the medium. The entries then turned into a journal of family happenings throughout the seasons. Then, into sharing my son’s thoughts to the discussion over several topics.

More recently, old ideas were recycled as new ones through re-blogs.

Unfortunately, I have lost sight of my purpose to write.

Thanks to FMG, she will give more of her time and energy to get TDC back on track.

Feel free to browse my blog as I still believe there’s gold in them hills.

See you later, soon.


Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits…


Or white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.

I remember my nana telling me to say this first at every new day of the month. It was to bring good luck. Well, if anything is true, even if I did forgot this routine during July and August, this summer was still the “best yet” (knock on wood)!

Between NB, Michigan, and Muskoka, the family enjoyed great times together this summer, full of firsts:

We left our daughter in day camp, two days in a row, without her brother nearby…and mom checking in every hour.

We were E (lectronic) free – tough for my wife who relies on being connected to the blogging world.

The sleep over camp for my son – in another country, away from any easy visits from family.

A game of golf that my son was hitting from his ball, not mine.

Lucky for us, this won’t be the only summer we now can pack full of activity.

But, it was the first.

Clevelands (Fun)House…

And the tradition continues…

Daddy Caddy

It’s been at least 35 years since I was in Muskoka staying and playing at my childhood resort, Clevelands House.  Cleves, luckily hadn’t really changed, though everything was different.

The red roof, the tri-colour deck chairs, and the green tennis courts – all there, all the same. The kids camp, waterpark, and wading pool are now welcome additions. New memories were about to begin.

There are only so many pockets in time that cottaging with the family can be done, creating long-standing traditions.

This trip would make it the 2nd generation to enjoy the surroundings of Minett and Lake Rousseau. The best part about Cleve’s is that there is so much to do, that you can’t get everything done in a week, let alone four days. As so was the case this year. As the eldest exclaimed, “let’s do the things that we can’t do at home”. So tennis…

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With flailing hands I pass the torch…

UnknownReduce, recycle, reuse, reblog? Yes, that’s how I’ve been going lately. Old submissions are new again. Not that I haven’t had any good ideas, but just that I’ve haven’t had as many new ones.

So, as summer is upon us, I will be on summer hours. As a replacement (and an upgrade) please feast your eyes on my’s son blog, Seabass Ave.

He loves writing, and we love him more because of it.

So, enjoy those dog days! I know I will.

You Mother Gawker!

Happy Mum’s Day, Rosetta!

Daddy Caddy

Mum, don’t look so surprised! Avert your gaze, as this entry is about you.

More than a year ago, I began to write this blog.  Only many months ago did I tell you about it. It was a shock to both of us – me writing and you reading it.  Ironically, I have no words to properly describe your influence on me.

Only to say, I could not be sharing these thoughts openly…about you…without your support!

Happy Mother’s Day! Love your Big son.

p.s. Sorry about the picture.  You are bigger than life, though.

p.s.s. Oh, there you are…back in the day!

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Jekyll and Hide


After a one hour swim practise, my son complained of tight calves, hamstrings, shoulders, etc.  I mentioned that it might be smart to arrive earlier next time, go for a short x-country run, then do a variety of stretches before diving in.  It sounded like a good idea, until this happened…

Between the pauses during the stretch, miscounting laps completed and my nine year old complaining about the grass being too “rough” to sit on, I soon turned from Dr. Jeckyll to Mr. Hyde. My son too. He was becoming more increasingly frustrated with me and tried desperately to escape this seemingly torturous warm-up.
Afterwards, we talked about it. “What did you think of daddy’s suggestion of the pre-swim warm-up?” I asked him. This is what he said. These are entirely his words…
I liked the idea but I felt like I was a slave and that 5 laps was so long and that
whenever I finished 5 laps I’d hear 5 more laps and after I finished those guess
what it’s stretching time! When I got in the pool I was so tired that I fell behind and was passed by  kids that were half my normal speed {which is actually really fast}. My dad isn’t bossy at all but I sort of wish he could of run with me.
Well said son. I wish I could too….