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November to February

Family Day, indeed…


Rota Teen

Months ago I stopped writing, having no direction to go. Exactly a week ago, my mum passed away peacefully, but all too suddenly.

I re-dedicate this blog to preserve her memories, and those of my family on this day.


The family that plays together, stays together…

F is for fall and FOOTBALL!

Daddy Caddy

NFL football season is back! So is another family tradition. Proline! You bet we gamble. Having a family is risky. Know the cost of rearing kids these days? I know I’ve got the million dollar family, but who’s paying for it?!

Every Sunday morning, we sit down and make our picks. As I’ve learned from experience, those with the most knowledge seem to win the least. Any prognostications that involve the colour of the team jerseys, the preference of different birds, or seeing a jet in the sky are fair game. Clear your mind…don’t over think it!

If it weren’t for a change of mind by a certain family member years ago that she didn’t go with her “gut“, giving us one win away from $350,000 dollars, I would be writing this flog from a Caribbean beach, instead of the couch.

Better luck for us next time, I…

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6-6-6 A Devil of an Idea…

Daddy Caddy

Mathematicians, please bear with me here. When I play 18 holes, the wheels tend to come off the wagon once I tee off from the 13th (funnily enough), and thereafter.  It’s always a par 3, where I shank my ball into the woods, starting a cycle of self-loathing, doubt, denial, anger – followed by hailing down the bevvy cart.

In other words, once I review my final scorecard, there are on average six holes that I would love to “get back” to play differently, or just forget about.

So, let’s make the number of “good” holes over “bad” be represented as 12/18.  Using this fraction, if you play 12 holes, you’ve got 9 nice ones in you; play 9, enjoy 6, etc.

And, yes, this ratio is indeed 0.666, repeating.

My point is, with time and money being common complaints about the game, I would recommend that each course…

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Coupon, shmoupon…

Daddy Caddy


Last spring I signed up for an on-line booking company named Golf Now. Discount tee times is what they sell for up to 80% off prime time rates. From this came Let’s Play 9 and Deal Caddy. If you agreed with my discussion about the future of golf (6-6-6), time and affordability are crucial to the sport’s longevity.

It seems that the game understands its present needs and is changing it’s accessibility. Not to say that discounts were not there in the past, but there just seems to be more visibility in the market place these days. Or maybe I’m just looking harder.

Warning! Buyer beware! I have heard of discounters going out of business and courses not honouring the coupon or at least not understanding what the deal was about. Get out your spectacles and read the fine print. It will save you heartache…

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Membership has its privileges?

Daddy Caddy

Do you like variety or familiarity?  Formal or casual?  Public or private?  Regardless of your choice, we are all “members” of the golf fraternity.  Clubs and courses are being challenged by many factors – demographics and socio-economics as examples. Especially these days, where the world economy is re-adjusting and the cost of living is continually rising, golf must change with these times if it is to remain a life-long activity.

According to the recent stats, an average round costs $60 dollars (green fees and cart) for playing a decent public course.  At a par 72, each shot you take is worth about 85c, less as your scoring decreases.  On an hourly rate, assuming a 4.5 hour round, you would be paying $13.60 per hour for this entertainment.  Similarly, a private club initiation averages $40000 – or 666 public rounds.  Averaging 13 rounds per season, you’d need to be playing…

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A (birth)day in the life…

Daddy Caddy

My son and daughter have summer birthdays.  My wife and I have winter ones. I enjoy theirs a lot more.

I have forgotten how big a deal this day is in the life of a child.  The anticipation, the surprise, the sheer enjoyment of being one year older. My son is having a weekend of events, as will my daughter later.

My wife and I now (over) celebrate ours every five years. We might as well be living by a dog’s calendar. So, Happy Birthday Seabass! Savour every single moment…I know I will.

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Daddy Caddy

Hawaii to Arizona to California to Canada?  Yes, we had a glimpse last week of single digit temperatures, barely. But, seeing the tour begin in these hotspots, Phoenix with frost warning?, gets the juices flowing.

Heading out from the basement or garage, grabbing your driver, and lashing away at the ball on any green patch of real estate, dormant for too long, was definitely on my mind.  Thanks to global warming, perhaps, we have had little winter weather.  Indoor ranges and simulators can keep the cobwebs from growing on your clubs, and your swing.  But, there’s nothing like the “real” thing.

Wouldn’t it great, though, to play all year round in an environmentally controlled space rather than travel to distant locale.  So, then the only flying needed would be your ball onto the green.  And your longest drive would be down the fairway, not a winding coastal road.

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Growing pains…


Last weekend my nine year old was able to participate in his weekly swim lesson despite a painfully tight calf (due to his muscles adjusting to his new orthotic shoe inserts), but unfortunately he was unable to play his final soccer game.

The warm pool helped the healing process, but running and kicking were far from possible the day after.

He would have to sit out. When I told him that he would have to come to the game regardless, he was confused.

“Why?!” he exclaimed.

His thoughts and unedited words are in quotes below.

My reaction was “why should I come if I’m hurt”. I didn’t know why I should  come. I was really really stumped why my dad wanted me to come!

Supporting your teammates…

I guess you’re right about supporting my teammates. I now understand even if you aren’t playing you should still be there for your teammates to cheer them on and to also give them courage.

…helping with the pre-game practice…

You helped a lot says my dad but I don’t know why he says that because I think that I just sat around and didn’t do that much. Well, when I think about it i guess I did help because I warmed up the goalie by throwing balls at him!

…and, of course, just being with your dad!

Why, indeed.


effortlessLast week my son got some more “coaching” during his soccer match. Not from me, though, but from the referee. He told me after the game that the ref said “to put in a little more effort, sweetie”.

Inside I agreed, but needed to ask him what he thought.

The first thing I felt was that I was really surprised that a complete stranger would just go up to me only me nobody else and tell me what I had to do better on, I was in complete shock. I was also a bit annoyed, ok a lot annoyed but then I realized that the referee might have been trying to help me so I know what I can work on and that can be my goal for the few last weeks of the soccer session.

I think the referee was trying to help me but she had to watch a lot of kids and I sort of think it would be rude to focus on one kid and at the end of the game to tell them what to do better on.  I think the referee was wrong on thinking that I didn’t work hard enough because I got really tired after the game because I was running so hard!

Going into this week, however, with his new orthotics, he has found more pain in his calf. Can he play with the injury? Can he battle through adversity?