The family that plays together, stays together…

F is for fall and FOOTBALL!

Daddy Caddy

NFL football season is back! So is another family tradition. Proline! You bet we gamble. Having a family is risky. Know the cost of rearing kids these days? I know I’ve got the million dollar family, but who’s paying for it?!

Every Sunday morning, we sit down and make our picks. As I’ve learned from experience, those with the most knowledge seem to win the least. Any prognostications that involve the colour of the team jerseys, the preference of different birds, or seeing a jet in the sky are fair game. Clear your mind…don’t over think it!

If it weren’t for a change of mind by a certain family member years ago that she didn’t go with her “gut“, giving us one win away from $350,000 dollars, I would be writing this flog from a Caribbean beach, instead of the couch.

Better luck for us next time, I…

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