Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits…


Or white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.

I remember my nana telling me to say this first at every new day of the month. It was to bring good luck. Well, if anything is true, even if I did forgot this routine during July and August, this summer was still the “best yet” (knock on wood)!

Between NB, Michigan, and Muskoka, the family enjoyed great times together this summer, full of firsts:

We left our daughter in day camp, two days in a row, without her brother nearby…and mom checking in every hour.

We were E (lectronic) free – tough for my wife who relies on being connected to the blogging world.

The sleep over camp for my son – in another country, away from any easy visits from family.

A game of golf that my son was hitting from his ball, not mine.

Lucky for us, this won’t be the only summer we now can pack full of activity.

But, it was the first.


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