6-6-6 A Devil of an Idea…

Daddy Caddy

Mathematicians, please bear with me here. When I play 18 holes, the wheels tend to come off the wagon once I tee off from the 13th (funnily enough), and thereafter.  It’s always a par 3, where I shank my ball into the woods, starting a cycle of self-loathing, doubt, denial, anger – followed by hailing down the bevvy cart.

In other words, once I review my final scorecard, there are on average six holes that I would love to “get back” to play differently, or just forget about.

So, let’s make the number of “good” holes over “bad” be represented as 12/18.  Using this fraction, if you play 12 holes, you’ve got 9 nice ones in you; play 9, enjoy 6, etc.

And, yes, this ratio is indeed 0.666, repeating.

My point is, with time and money being common complaints about the game, I would recommend that each course…

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