Jekyll and Hide


After a one hour swim practise, my son complained of tight calves, hamstrings, shoulders, etc.  I mentioned that it might be smart to arrive earlier next time, go for a short x-country run, then do a variety of stretches before diving in.  It sounded like a good idea, until this happened…

Between the pauses during the stretch, miscounting laps completed and my nine year old complaining about the grass being too “rough” to sit on, I soon turned from Dr. Jeckyll to Mr. Hyde. My son too. He was becoming more increasingly frustrated with me and tried desperately to escape this seemingly torturous warm-up.
Afterwards, we talked about it. “What did you think of daddy’s suggestion of the pre-swim warm-up?” I asked him. This is what he said. These are entirely his words…
I liked the idea but I felt like I was a slave and that 5 laps was so long and that
whenever I finished 5 laps I’d hear 5 more laps and after I finished those guess
what it’s stretching time! When I got in the pool I was so tired that I fell behind and was passed by  kids that were half my normal speed {which is actually really fast}. My dad isn’t bossy at all but I sort of wish he could of run with me.
Well said son. I wish I could too….

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