Now On The Tee…Earth Week 2013

Daddy Caddy

For the month of April, we have been watching the skies, tracking the flight of the international space station. To know that there are people circling our planet puts everything in perspective.  This is the only (golf) world we have – it must be protected. In researching this topic, it has been refreshing to see a proactive approach in this industry. There is a challenge to balance the sport’s environmental impact as it progresses forward responsibly. In an earlier post, I discussed a possible future for golf. However, with Earth day upon us, today was a good place to start making changes.

My children’s school had just finished a neighbourhood clean-up on Friday, amongst other activities. We talked about doing a similar act of kindness this weekend. So, like a bolt of lightning did this idea hit me! Would it be a missed opportunity not to remind golfers…

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