The Masters…of our domain…

The return to Augusta National, especially on Sunday, is the first sign of spring in my (golfer’s) mind.  I am very excited to re-introduce my family to the game as a life-long group adventure.  My daughter has already begun using my son’s putter for hitting anything and everything that surrounds her…the dog, daddy’s leg, and mummy’s coffee mug.

My son’s taking his tee ball swing to the t(ee) box. We will soon return to the range, then a putting competition, followed by lunch.  Perfect!

My wife is quite excited about playing some 9 and dines, as well as looking for a new wardrobe (most likely, the other way around).

For these reasons does golf bring me, us, much happiness.  Golf can be as individual or team oriented as you like.  We can play all sorts of combinations – dad/son vs mum/daughter; dad/daughter vs mum/son…eventually kids vs parents.

Though I may never make it to Georgia this weekend, I look forward to playing with my family, with golf leading the way.


3 thoughts on “The Masters…of our domain…

  1. Ah! Such optimism! Presumably, and quite fatally, you plan to instruct your wife? Bad news, TDC. Home and golf instruction should be M-I-L-E-S apart!

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