Daddy Caddy

Hawaii to Arizona to California to Canada?  Yes, we had a glimpse last week of single digit temperatures, barely. But, seeing the tour begin in these hotspots, Phoenix with frost warning?, gets the juices flowing.

Heading out from the basement or garage, grabbing your driver, and lashing away at the ball on any green patch of real estate, dormant for too long, was definitely on my mind.  Thanks to global warming, perhaps, we have had little winter weather.  Indoor ranges and simulators can keep the cobwebs from growing on your clubs, and your swing.  But, there’s nothing like the “real” thing.

Wouldn’t it great, though, to play all year round in an environmentally controlled space rather than travel to distant locale.  So, then the only flying needed would be your ball onto the green.  And your longest drive would be down the fairway, not a winding coastal road.

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