Growing pains…


Last weekend my nine year old was able to participate in his weekly swim lesson despite a painfully tight calf (due to his muscles adjusting to his new orthotic shoe inserts), but unfortunately he was unable to play his final soccer game.

The warm pool helped the healing process, but running and kicking were far from possible the day after.

He would have to sit out. When I told him that he would have to come to the game regardless, he was confused.

“Why?!” he exclaimed.

His thoughts and unedited words are in quotes below.

My reaction was “why should I come if I’m hurt”. I didn’t know why I should  come. I was really really stumped why my dad wanted me to come!

Supporting your teammates…

I guess you’re right about supporting my teammates. I now understand even if you aren’t playing you should still be there for your teammates to cheer them on and to also give them courage.

…helping with the pre-game practice…

You helped a lot says my dad but I don’t know why he says that because I think that I just sat around and didn’t do that much. Well, when I think about it i guess I did help because I warmed up the goalie by throwing balls at him!

…and, of course, just being with your dad!

Why, indeed.


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