effortlessLast week my son got some more “coaching” during his soccer match. Not from me, though, but from the referee. He told me after the game that the ref said “to put in a little more effort, sweetie”.

Inside I agreed, but needed to ask him what he thought.

The first thing I felt was that I was really surprised that a complete stranger would just go up to me only me nobody else and tell me what I had to do better on, I was in complete shock. I was also a bit annoyed, ok a lot annoyed but then I realized that the referee might have been trying to help me so I know what I can work on and that can be my goal for the few last weeks of the soccer session.

I think the referee was trying to help me but she had to watch a lot of kids and I sort of think it would be rude to focus on one kid and at the end of the game to tell them what to do better on.  I think the referee was wrong on thinking that I didn’t work hard enough because I got really tired after the game because I was running so hard!

Going into this week, however, with his new orthotics, he has found more pain in his calf. Can he play with the injury? Can he battle through adversity?


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