He said, he said…

039Several posts ago I spoke about the wisdom (pls review). I felt I was imparting common sense upon my family. Well, starting today I am putting that belief to the test.  Have my choices for my son been positive or off the mark?

I’ll let him tell you in his own, unedited words:

I think it worked because it really made me feel very active and I got to try out all different varieties of sports. It also made me feel that I had a better understanding of sports. I think the reason it worked was because I had a lot  of time to learn and understand the concept of the games [e.g. Soccer,Swimming,Basketball,Baseball].

I think the downside was that at the beginning I thought sports are slow and when my Dad told me about the two year thing I was mostly thinking that I had to do two years of trying out different sports. I think the thing that kept me going was that I knew I only had to do it for two years and than I was done but at the end of the two years. I got used to the sports and I wanted to continue to play all these cool sports.

Well done, son!


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