Snakes on a green…


Gong Xi Fa Ca, everyone! It’s indeed the Chinese New Year of the snake. This reminds me a story of a place much warmer than here.

We were on a golf trip to Scottsdale, Arizona where the cacti are tall and the cold temps are small.

Anyways, we’re at We-Ko-Pa, Cholla course, and have just stepped off the range, and head over to the 1st tee. Upon meeting the starter, he explained the rules of the day, including one of significant importance.

If your ball should land in the “rough” you must take your longest club with you. I thought to myself why I would need my driver every time I entered into the brush. So I asked. The gentlemen replied it was not necessarily to hit your ball, but to alarm the diamondback rattlesnakes of your presence. Tapping the club on the ground well ahead of you would allow the snake a better chance of retreating or at least being stumbled upon.


Needless to say, I took the stroke penalty and saved myself any venom plunged into my leg. I did see one slither across the 15th tee box, as did some others. We found out later that there was probably a nest around, and she on the hunt for intruders.


Snakes aside, what I wouldn’t do to be back playing golf in the desert in February.


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