End of the sporting world (as we know it…)

So it came and went. The world did not end, as we knew it.

But, the beginning of a new sporting world could be imminent. With the NHL lockout continuing, over-paid players vs over-paid owners vs under-appreciated fans seems cyclical. And not reserved for hockey only. Scandals surrounding sport are old news. Perhaps, we should be reverting back to origins of sport, from a grass roots level.


Take channel surfing to the open water; replace hiring with volunteering; participating instead of spectating.

Live sport through your own eyes, rather than someone elses. Be your own MVP! For one who surrounds himself with sport, I can’t remember the last time I watched any event to completion. I just don’t have the time…nor the interest. The world of sport does indeed supply many role models by which you live your life. But, to be fair to those athletes, it’s not their responsibility…it’s yours.

Be the start of something, not the end!


One thought on “End of the sporting world (as we know it…)

  1. So true! However, it really depends on whether you have the physical capability to continue to participate. But remember, the ‘spectator sees most of the game’, so that’s a benefit! And, ‘while the flesh is weak, the spirit is willing’, but, alas, the former outdoes the latter!

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