Silence is golden?

Those who coach will understand. Those who don’t, may not. Shouting to and shouting at someone are two different things. The receiver of that message must understand that. The tone and volume of the message are as important as the message itself. Its delivery can often be misconstrued.

On a field, at a rink, in a gymnasium, when one hears shouting, it often gets a visceral reaction, being put into a negative light. Coaching should never be performed without emotion. If so, then there is no passion.

Sometimes messages must be sent with emotion to ensure an immediate response. As sport demands adjustments on the fly, the higher the volume, the quicker the response…hopefully.

So, when I hear concerns about shouting to or at players on the field, I have two responses. If I am silent, then all is well, with the game at hand. Or, I have stopped caring about the game at hand.

Fortunately, neither have ever happened!


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