A Devil of an Idea…more than ever…

As autumn falls upon us, the days are shorter, the mornings are colder, as jack frost pushes tee times back. Now is the time to implement a “new” format for golf. Call it the Spring forward/Fall back rule. So, I re-blog this entry from May, as I know it could apply now.

“Mathematicians, please bear with me here. When I play 18 holes, the wheels tend to come off the wagon once I tee off from the 13th (funnily enough), and thereafter.  It’s always a par 3, where I shank my ball into the woods, starting a cycle of self-loathing, doubt, denial, anger – followed by hailing down the bevvy cart.

In other words, once I review my final scorecard, there are on average six holes that I would love to “get back” to play differently, or just forget about.

So, let’s make the number of “good” holes over “bad” be represented as 12/18.  Using this fraction, if you play 12 holes, you’ve got 9 nice ones in you; play 9, enjoy 6, etc.

And, yes, this ratio is indeed 0.666, repeating.

My point is, with time and money being common complaints about the game, I would recommend that each course be broken into thirds. You have a choice of playing 9 or 18 presently.  How’s about 6, or 12, or 18?! This would allow people to enjoy the game in smaller, more manageable pieces, without creating as much frustration.

Who has the time? Court or ice rink or field rentals go by the hour. Heading to the movies, theatre, or dinner lasts around two hours. Why does golf have to be double that?

Who has the money? On average, $75.00 per round (food, drinks, cart, 18 holes)?  Regardless, budgets are very tight these days with personal debt a major concern.  Many of us struggle to afford this luxury on a regular basis.

However, I don’t need to eat a buffet every time I’m hungry (for golf).  But, a nibble here and there would satisfy my appetite just as well.”


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