Thanks fore giving!

This Thanksgiving weekend brings with it many long-standing traditions. Spending more time (eating) with family and friends; sleeping-in an extra morning; and having one more chance to swing the clubs. I used to play on the Saturday with my brother-in-law and his buddies in an annual tourney aptly named Turkey Golf!

Peameal bacon sandwiches and fresh coffee met you in the parking lot. This helped warm your hands before heading out to the range to grip that cold, metal club. With a frost warning in sight, you could take your time working out the kinks in your swing, and lower back, before tee-off. If you’re lucky, the weather moves into the mid-teens by lunch, and in no time you have removed that shell jacket (note: I always play in shorts – pants are for pros).

To add to the challenge of late season golf, a shot of Wild Turkey greets you at the turn. Just in time, as my game has gone to the birds after nine. With the finish of eighteen, we head for a buffet dinner and prizes. By evening, I leave my b-i-l behind to share highschool war stories with his buddies.

A great time had by all in the fall! And I still have more weekend to spare.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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