The Rock and Roll…

The Rock. It was caught between itself and a hard place. That place being the competitive, and lucrative golf course industry in Muskoka. I remember when it opened. Too beautiful, too tough, too unforgiving, and too expensive. It closed, then re-opened in with Red Leaves.
While at Cleves I decided to replay it. With the aid of deal caddy, and the timing of our vacation, I booked my single tee time, and headed up Juddhaven road to traverse the Rock.
As anyone who plays up north knows, every course prides itself on the whole golf experience. The first time I played, we arrived by boat. We were whisked away by SUV to the course, where personalised carts and the pyramid of practise balls awaited. This time around was no different, except with whom I was to play.
Without going into too much detail, I was in for an amazing day at the Rock. As a solitary player, you are often a third wheel to a two/threesome. It can be awkward at times, especially if your ability is well above or below your partners. Fortunately, this was not the case.  In short, I played 12 holes with the Honorable Big M, and his longtime friend. Yes, I knew who he was. No, I didn’t act as if I did, though I did ask him questions after the 9th.
The best part, though, was from the 13th onward. I literally had the final six holes to myself. So, I played for my “partners” hitting three shots each*, taking the best one. An outstanding finish at 12 over*!
I believe I am the Rock!

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