Clevelands (Fun)House…

It’s been at least 35 years since I was in Muskoka staying and playing at my childhood resort, Clevelands House.  Cleves, luckily hadn’t really changed, though everything was different.

The red roof, the tri-colour deck chairs, and the green tennis courts – all there, all the same. The kids camp, waterpark, and wading pool are now welcome additions. New memories were about to begin.

There are only so many pockets in time that cottaging with the family can be done, creating long-standing traditions.

This trip would make it the 2nd generation to enjoy the surroundings of Minett and Lake Rousseau. The best part about Cleve’s is that there is so much to do, that you can’t get everything done in a week, let alone four days. As so was the case this year. As the eldest exclaimed, “let’s do the things that we can’t do at home”. So tennis, golf, basketball were replaced by hiking, lake swimming, and beach volleyball.

By my calculations, we need at least three more years to complete all the activities.

And then some… fortunately.


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