The good, the bad, the uglympics?

The Olympics brings with it ideals that we should live by everyday. Through sport are our personalities demonstrated in full view, both in victory and defeat. To win gracefully, and to lose with grace can de difficult. Dreams are realised and relinquished in tenths of seconds, a missed call, a misstep, and so on. Though there are moments of unsportsmanlike conduct, there are many others showing selfless acts and fair play, that resonate with especially with youth.

My son has caught onto the excitement, the movement, the overall spectacle of the games. He loves to run and throw, so decathlon or athletics may be on his radar. He loves to be in the pool, so perhaps indoor swimming or open water. He also plays soccer, baseball, and golf. Maybe one of these will catch his interest.

As his life experiences are endless, so are the possibilities. Perhaps we’ll see him in the future at the YOGs going higher, stronger, and faster than ever before.


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