Putting mouth…

Kids say the darndest things. Adults do too.

Playing with my son this summer has been a thoroughly  enjoyable experience. His baseball swing has carried him well onto the course, showing strong contact from the tee box. Even though he makes more than his share of mistakes, he is confident enough to play through it with no ill feeling to the ball. I, on the other hand, on occasion, do not!

With a 20 foot to lag, I proceeded to scuff my putter on the green leaving me with 19 feet to go. A couple of inappropriate comments later, I re-addressed and 2 putted. Upon picking up my ball, I was met with a disapproving look. I explained that due to my love for golf, and the few times that I get to play, frustration sometimes trumps etiquette. I apologised, but thought this perspective would be helpful.

With a suitable pause, he replied that “your language didn’t help get the ball closer to the hole.”

Point taken…from the mouth of babes.



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