The state of the Union…

Every summer we venture to Western Michigan for a family vacation.  As the mapquest guide never takes into account washroom and food breaks, the drive seems to be getting longer each season.  However, once we’re there, it’s like the 7 hours was well past us, as we ease into another level of comfort.  My bil’s (brother-in-law) house is in the country, but only minutes away from an excellent executive course.  Evergreen golf provides a challenging opening round par 3 course…including the deer and horse flies.  Aside from making you concentrate on your shot, and not being bitten, any errand ball leaves you in the beautiful, Michigan pines with a punch out being your only option.  This 18 was only a prelude to our game at the Grand Haven golf club.

If I had a membership at any club with a local, comfortable feel, it would be this course.  My first impression was the greeting I had in the pro shop years ago.  Customer service is an art, and this course had it.  As there was a watering restriction that season, we were given a 2-for-1 coupon for our next visit, due to the poor conditions of the fairways.  Wow!  I hadn’t even played yet, and I was already looking to returning.  Now, I play there every year, and enjoy the “home” course advantage.  Moreover, both courses are very reasonable with their rates, and very “junior” friendly.

This year, I was able to convince my son that golfing with dad and his cousins was as fun as swimming in the pool, fishing in the pond, playing in the playhouse, and jumping on the trampoline. I know that we’ll be back next summer to do it all again!


3 thoughts on “The state of the Union…

  1. Great post, but you forgot to mention my birdie…..I think that your public deserves that info. Can’t wait til next year, I can see a foresome at Evergreen with the boys leading it off!

    1. Mike from Michigan. I’m sorry for the exclusion. There will be another post about Greatest one-off golf shots in history…right behind How to play with your brother-in-law and keep the family happy.

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