Family tree…putt

2011, my brother and I just completed another instalment of our annual “AJ”.  An invitational tourney open to all those who are invited (think about it).  The tradition began with my brother’s wedding weekend golf tourney a few years ago, and has continued ever since.  While we still tinker with the final format, we deliver an enjoyable Sunday afternoon of golf.  I honestly believe that the tradition of creating traditions is a tradition in itself.  Having our father join us every year to play is more than just commendable for someone in their late 70s…it’s memorable!  Unfortunately, due to back issues, apparently from carrying his sons for all these years, the opening ceremony had to be massaged (pun intended).  As the elder statesmen, dad would tee off with the first drive.  This year “…to failing hands we pass(ed) the torch…” to my 8 year old son who started the proceedings on the putting green.

With fingers crossed, the 2 foot, downhill tap-in turned into a 4 foot uphill heart-stopper.  As he lined up the stroke, I said to myself, for the sake of our family and friends, and of course, my little golfer, please sink it!  After a slight adjustment, head down, hands steady, and with the poise of a pro with 1 million dollars waiting in the clubhouse, the little guy pulled the trigger, and sank it, right down the middle…with authority!  What a proud moment for the family…a tradition continues!

As it did this year as well. Only, the wee lad now plays with his dad, driving, pitching, and putting…I still beat him, though.


2 thoughts on “Family tree…putt

  1. Aw. I’m so proud of our little Tiger Woods. Oh wait, he’s creepy. Not Tiger. Um, who’s a non creepy golf star? How about Vijay Singh instead?

    Way to go kid. You did your daddy proud. xo

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