Sinking your teeth into wisdom…

So, I mentioned how wise I feel as time passes.  A case in point, my family.  As much as I want the best for them at every turn, I was very cognizant of not becoming a patriarch.  The family unit is made up of individuals who do not necessarily have the same aspirations in life.  However, the parent must offer guidance as to how to reach those goals.

One mission was to instill the importance of physical activity into life’s routine.  My son has been involved in athletics since he was five.  He has been building a good overall skill foundation through several sports – gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and baseball.  Many of these were his choices which came with a caveat; a commitment made over two years.  The reason was simple.  The first season would be an introduction; the second would be a review.  He would also be within that age group for two years – one as a junior, one as senior.

So far, so good…for an eight year old.


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