Ch…ch…ch…changes! for the best…

Well, it’s been a month into the new year, and everything seemed to be going fine.  Until I started changing.  Not like the Fly or the Hulk, but more like…while on the theme of Chinese NY…Confucious.  Really?  Yes…maybe.  I seem to becoming wiser, knowing the answers to questions almost immediately.  Perhaps because issues repeat themselves, repeat themselves.  I do find that I’ve been going with my gut more often – intuition.

My decisions are thoughtful, insightful, full of perspective and seemingly balanced, as I’ll explain over several weeks.

But, I guess it all depends upon who you talk to to.


5 thoughts on “Ch…ch…ch…changes! for the best…

  1. Well, if you were to talk to me…I’d say you are amazing. So intuitive and aware of your needs and the needs of your family. You’re a good man Daddy Caddy. xo

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