Scary time of year…

I find that like every 18 holes, there are some that leave you wondering why you ever picked up this game in the first place, and others question you why you’re not playing on tour, yet.  End of season, autumn, golf, where frost warnings are as common as a hot coffee in your cart instead of a cold one, is scary.  Memories of shots past haunt me until next season.  Do I need lessons, re-gripping, new clubs, less clubs, better shoes, gloves or no gloves, hat or visor? etc, etc.  Just when you were in that mid-summer groove, everything started to get loosey, goosey – flying south for the winter.

The idea of packing it up can be devastating.  You don’t want to lose the feeling, the touch, the swing…the season. But, time does heal all…wounds.


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