Walk the walk, run the clock, what the…?

Well, after two weeks of chiro, coupled with muscle relaxants, I was able to finish the 1st leg of my annual goal, somewhat.  The Mercedes 10 k was reduced to a 5k, which was a blessing in disguise.  I didn’t fully grasp how difficult training for 8 weeks would be on my body.  Not so much the actual miles covered, but the time and energy needed to fit in these sessions.  Furthermore, my “dream” day in my head did not match how the “real” day unfolded.  Baby sitting duties were last minute – the 300m and 1 km kid runs were too late after the run – and probably too uninteresting for my son/daughter.

Otherwise, the race went very well from the 0.5 km point, when my wife let me “go” ahead, to 4 km, when I reached for a cup at the drink station, and subsequently cramped from then onwards.  The weather was great – sunny and cool – and 5 km flew by in under 28 minutes.

I hope my body remembers 3 weeks ago!

p.s. My 2nd race came and went – Tim Horton’s Run for the Camps at Bronte Park.  Due to a “tweet” from my left hamstring and right calf, saying they were injured, sore, and old…I did not race.  This left me thinking about revamping the original running plan A to plan B.

p.s.s. I have moved my postings to month’s end, in anticipation of those hazy, lazy days of summer. So, please remained tuned…in.


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