If a ball falls in the rough, does anybody hear it?

FORE!…Tee…2…Some time ago I decided to create this blog, starting to post entries from my 42nd birthday onward. Why 42? It began with my goal of running 42 km in my 42nd year (and 42 pounds in the overall process). The enthusiasm behind setting this goal lead me here, a creative outlet for my passions: family and golf.

I see this blog as a means of sharing experiences as I “caddy” my family through life, with the game of golf as the backdrop. Like life itself, each shot, green, or course will provide challenges, new and old,  for all involved.

Please enjoy!


4 thoughts on “If a ball falls in the rough, does anybody hear it?

  1. So are you planning on reviewing any Michigan courses? I can definitely offer guidance on playing from ‘Out Of Bounds’. Good Luck with blogging AT, I will look forward to your threads. Lots of Love,

    Management from The Par 3 Fraser Course

    1. Michigan is a great golf destination! I believe next to Myrtle Beach, MI has an equally high density, and variety, of courses to offer any level of player. I look forward to playing your “executive” course next summer!

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